Infographics: Universal production and logistics complex

Thursday, February 18, 2021
Infographics: Universal production and logistics complex

Universal production and logistics complex in infographics. Current status: after dismantling the equipment, the complex is ready for re-profiling


  1. Nearby objects
  2. History
  3. Property rights
  4. Special purpose
  5. Environmental and sanitary standards
  6. Connections
  7. Interior
  8. Goods


  • Former glass factory
  • Total area: 40,853 m²
  • Address: Ukraine, Kharkiv region, Merefa, Leonovskaya 84 A Str.
  • Price: 4 000 000 $

Nearby objects

  1. Merefa River - 1 km
  2. Railway station - 65 m
  3. Tuberculosis dispensary - 700 m
  4. Bank - 80 m
  5. Studio "Kharkov-Film" - 370 m
  6. School - 1.5 km
  7. Hospital - 2.4 km
  8. Gas station - 420 m
  9. Residential area - 320 m
  10. Post Office - 1.7 km


Year of construction of the plant: 2008

The production of glass containers was stopped in December 2014.

Current status: after dismantling the equipment, the complex is ready for re-profiling.

The object is not rented and does not have any encumbrances.

Property rights

Long-term lease for 49 years (until April 2060) includes plots #3 and #4 with a total area of 8.3889 hectares

Plots #3 - 7.2348 hectares (buildings and structures of the old glass production).

Plots #4 - 1.1541 hectares (biofilter building and treatment facilities)

Plots #1 and #2 with a total area of 4.0853 hectares are privately owned by LLC PK Terminal.

Plots #1 - 3.9447 hectares (buildings of the new production complex: glass container shop, compound shop and finished product warehouse).

Plots # 2 - 0.1406 hectares (building of the auto-weight of the new production complex).

Special purpose

Object type: commercial real estate

The purpose of the land plot is industrial activity

Cadastral numbers:

  • 6325110700:00:065:0012
  • 6325110700:00:065:0013
  • 6325110700:00:065:0008
  • 6325110700:00:065:0009

Environmental and sanitary standards

Intended purpose - for the placement and operation of the main, auxiliary and additional buildings and structures of enterprises of the processing, machine-building and other industries.

The industrial premises are located in the industrial zone within the city.

Possible areas of activity: chemical industry, mechanical engineering, production of building materials, wood processing, agricultural direction, logistics complex.


  1. Water supply
  2. Wastewater disposal
  3. Gas
  4. Heat supply
  5. Electricity
  6. Railway lines

Gas supply

Medium pressure.

The throughput of the project is 2500 m3 / hour.

After stopping production, the gas equipment was mothballed, plugs were installed on the gas supply line to the territory of the enterprise.

Electricity supply

Input from substation "Merefa traction" YuZhD 110/6 kW.

Installed capacity - 7500 kW. Permitted connection power - 4100 kW. 1 class of energy consumption.

Reserve input from Substation Merefa of AK Kharkivoblenergo 35/6 kW.

Installed capacity - 7500 kW. Permitted connection power - 1000 kW. Energy class 2.

Water supply

Well #3 with a depth of 78 m and a debit of 16.0 cubic meters per hour.

Well #5989 with a depth of 880 m and a debit of 50.0 cubic meters per hour.

Water disposal

Through our own biological treatment facilities with a capacity of 438.0 m3 / day (159.87 thousand m3 / year) into the Merefa river.

Heat supply

Currently, there is no centralized heat supply for the buildings of the new production complex.

An electric boiler is installed in the administrative building.


Number of floors: 5

Coverage: asphalt and concrete

Sockets: 1pc / 50 m²

Lighting: industrial incandescent lamps

No thermal insulation

Walls: brick 40 cm


Administrative building: 556.1 m²

The building of the glass container department, including the administrative complex: 15951.5 m²

Composite workshop building: 5736.6 m²

Other buildings and structures: 18608.8 m²

Land area: 12.47 hectares


The demarcation zone with the Merefa railway station is 40 meters. On the territory of the enterprise are located:

  • 1 dead-end line for unloading bulk materials and loading covered open wagons
  • 1 dead-end branch for unloading bulk and container materials
  • 1 overtaking line ("fish")
  • 3 turnouts and railway scales
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