Ursula von der Leyen Proposed to Limit the Price of Gas From Russia

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, September 3, 2022
Ursula von der Leyen Proposed to Limit the Price of Gas From Russia

After Russia decided not to launch "Nord Stream" after the "repair", Europe is preparing for a shortage, and the world is preparing for a price hike

According to Reuters, European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen said it was time to cap the price of gas Russia supplies to Europe. After Russia refused to launch the Nord Stream after the "repair" (a very false pretext), it is becoming increasingly clear that Russia is using gas as a blackmail tool.

"I firmly believe that it is time to cap the price of Russian pipeline gas to Europe. A gas price cap can be proposed at the European level, and at the European level, there is also a legal basis for temporary revenue withdrawals as an emergency measure in times of crisis," Ursula von der Leyen.

In turn, Charles Michel directly stated that Russia uses "gas as a weapon," and the refusal to launch gas supplies to Europe is another "proof of Russia's cynicism."

Russia also uses gas blackmail as retaliation for the sanctions imposed for the war against Ukraine. At the same time, let's not forget that Russia has resorted to cutting off the Nord Stream at a time when Europe is doing its best to counter energy disruptions that could leave the continent without fuel. On the eve of the heating season and the cold winter, the situation escalates.

"Gazprom's announcement this afternoon that it is once again shutting down NordStrream1 under fallacious pretences is another confirmation of its unreliability as a supplier. It's also proof of Russia's cynicism, as it prefers to flare gas instead of honouring contracts," Eric Mamer, the head of the press service of the European Commission. 

The meeting of EU energy ministers will take place on 9 September. The summit's topic will be the artificial rise in prices for Russian energy resources after Russia's attack on Ukraine.

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