US Ambassador Bridget Brink Visits Odesa

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, June 14, 2024
US Ambassador Bridget Brink Visits Odesa

Bridget Brink, the US ambassador to Ukraine, has made a notable visit to Odesa. The US Embassy in Ukraine announced the visit on Telegram, highlighting the significance of the city

Key Points from the Visit

  • Cultural and Strategic Importance:

    • Brink described Odesa as the "pearl of the Black Sea," acknowledging its rich cultural heritage and the resilience of its inhabitants.
  • Meetings with Ukrainian Officials:

    • The ambassador met with Serhiy Deineko, head of the State Border Service, and Oleg Kostur, head of the Regional Department of the Maritime Guard of the DPSU Administration.
    • These meetings underscored the strategic importance of Odesa in Ukraine's border security and maritime operations.
  • Black Sea Corridor:

    • Brink highlighted the critical role of the Black Sea Corridor in global trade and Ukraine's economy, noting that nearly 1,850 ships have passed through, transporting 52 million tons of cargo.
  • Strengthening Air Defenses:

    • In light of the recent attack on Odesa with three Iskander-M ballistic missiles by Russian forces on May 1, Brink emphasized the importance of bolstering Ukraine's air defenses.


Ambassador Brink's visit to Odesa underscores the ongoing US support for Ukraine, particularly in enhancing its security and economic resilience. The discussions with local officials and the emphasis on strengthening air defenses highlight the strategic focus of the visit amidst the ongoing conflict.

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