US Announces Additional Military Package for Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, August 30, 2023
US Announces Additional Military Package for Ukraine

Weapons and equipment for $250 mln: air defence shells, HIMARS, "Javelins", arms

On August 29, Anthony Blinken announced the preparation of another batch of aid to Ukraine. Most likely, the package will be formed within the framework of the Presidential Drawdown Authority. The $250 million budget included:

  • Air defence missiles AIM-9M and HIMARS;
  • Shells 55 mm and 105 mm;
  • Territory demining equipment;
  • Javelin portable anti-tank missile systems and similar + projectiles;
  • 3 million+ ranged shells;
  • Equipment for paramedics;
  • Education of the AFU servicemen. 

The previous USA military package was announced on August 14. The cumulative contribution of the United States to Ukraine's victory is approximately $44 billion.

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