US Congress Supports Creation of Tribunal for Russia

Wednesday, May 17, 2023
US Congress Supports Creation of Tribunal for Russia

The Representatives house voted in favour of the resolution

The document calls on Joe Biden to support the creation of a special tribunal for Russian soldiers and leadership to punish all crimes committed against Ukraine. The vote was initiated by democratic congressman Bill Keating. He believes that creating a document supporting the tribunal in America will be a significant domestic and international step to bring to justice Putin, Shoihu, and other leaders of military aggression against Ukraine. It is noted that the Russian Federation not only encroached on the sovereignty of a neighbouring state but also violated human rights.

"The special tribunal, established by a majority of the United Nations General Assembly, confers legitimacy and authority on the tribunal in this regard," Keating said.

Before voting for the resolution, American politicians listened to the prosecutor general of Ukraine, Andrii Kostin. They were able to learn about the documented crimes of the past and this year by the Russian armed forces. The House of Representatives also saw the footage of the Russian war crimes. On that basis, they voted to punish the leadership of the aggressor country. The document states that the Russian Federation violated not only the rights of Ukraine and its inhabitants but also several articles of the Charter of the United Nations.

The resolution also contains support for the Ukrainian people, condemnation of the Russian military aggression, and recognition of the Ukrainian territorial borders documented since the first day of Ukraine's independence.

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