US Didn’t Give Visas to Russian Delegates to the UN

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, April 17, 2023
US Didn’t Give Visas to Russian Delegates to the UN

Coordination of the arrival of Lavrov from Washington was also postponed despite all the efforts of the Moscovia ambassador to the United States

Russia has assumed the presidency of the UN. Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov planned to arrive in Washington and speak from the UN rostrum as the head of the presiding country. However, the US did not give permission to the Russian delegation of politicians and journalists. Apparently, Sergei Nebezia, as before, will represent Russia in the singular.

Additionally, the Russian ambassador to the United States said that Lavrov's particular aircraft did not receive permission to arrive in the United States, although the request was submitted several weeks ago. At the same time, no permit has been issued so far. The event date in the United States was March 31, but the Russian side did not receive a single permission to enter the country. Perhaps they won't get it.

We remind you that the chairman of the UN is a country that practices cutting off the heads of its rivals.

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