US Send Resident Legal Advisor to Kyiv to Investigate Russian Atrocities

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, April 18, 2023
US Send Resident Legal Advisor to Kyiv to Investigate Russian Atrocities

The Ministry of justice intensify the work of the ICC and the Joint Investigative Team

On April 17, the attorney general of Ukraine, Andriy Kostin, met with the attorney general of the United States, Merrick Garland, to discuss the work of the Joint Investigative Team. We remind you that JIT investigates Russian crimes on the territory of Ukraine, and it includes 9 states: Ukraine, USA, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Romania and Estonia, as well as ICC.

Mr Garland said that in March, a memorandum was signed between the US and JIT, according to which the justice Department will send its representative to the prosecution of the crime of aggression against Ukraine в The Hague at Eurojust.

In addition, a resident legal advisor will arrive at the US Embassy in Ukraine this summer, providing access to DoJ resources to investigate Russian crimes against Ukrainians.

US attorneys and the JIT are actively working with the ICC to ensure that anyone responsible for war crimes is held accountable. In addition to crimes against Ukrainians, multiple crimes were committed against US citizens. Thanks to a joint effort, each of the perpetrators of these crimes will be brought to justice in the United States.

Our Ukrainian colleagues are also assisting us in investigating potential war crimes over which the United States has criminal jurisdiction under the leadership of the war crimes investigation team. These include crimes in which American citizens were injured or killed. At the same time, Congress recently expanded the powers of the DoJ to prosecute alleged war criminals found here in the United States. This means that in the coming years and decades, Russian war criminals who set foot on the territory of our country must be brought before US courts.

Simultaneously with other international anti-criminal activities, the Task Force KleptoCapture team is working on the territory of Ukraine, which collects evidence of war crimes of the Russian army and helps initiate criminal cases against criminals.

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