US to Support Ukraine in Restoring Energy System Damaged by Attacks

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, April 4, 2024
US to Support Ukraine in Restoring Energy System Damaged by Attacks

During a meeting with Ukraine’s Energy Minister Herman Galushchenko, the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Bridget Brink, discussed the pressing issues facing the Ukrainian energy system, which has sustained damage due to enemy attacks

The Ministry of Energy reported on their website about this significant diplomatic engagement aimed at addressing the challenges within the Ukrainian energy sector.

Minister Galushchenko provided Ambassador Brink with an overview of the current situation in the Ukrainian energy industry, highlighting efforts to stabilize the system despite ongoing attacks, notably on substations. The meeting focused on the dire needs of the energy system, particularly the thermal and hydro-generation facilities that suffered the most. Additionally, the urgent requirement for high-voltage equipment, autotransformers, and repair apparatus was discussed.

Ambassador Brink conveyed the United States' commitment to assist Ukraine in repairing its energy infrastructure and preparing for the upcoming heating season. The discussions also touched upon enhancing the physical security of energy facilities and exploring cooperation opportunities to achieve these goals.

Further deliberations revolved around measures to decentralize generation before the next heating season, emphasizing the installation of additional distributed generation capacities to bolster the energy system's resilience.

This meeting comes in the backdrop of Russia's continued assaults on Ukraine's energy infrastructure, aimed at undermining the country's economy. The Ministry of Energy had previously pointed out the strategic intent behind these attacks. Moreover, the massive missile strike on March 22 inflicted severe damage on Ukraine's energy system, with YASNO's General Director, Serhiy Kovalenko, expressing concern over the potential for further attacks and the pessimistic outlook for the energy sector's recovery.

The US's pledge to aid Ukraine underscores the international solidarity with Kyiv as it navigates through these challenging times, striving to secure and rehabilitate its critical infrastructure amidst the ongoing conflict.

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