USA Investors’ Interest in Ukraine’s Titanium Industry

Monday, August 16, 2021
USA Investors’ Interest in Ukraine’s Titanium Industry

At the end of summer during the visit of Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy to the USA, there will be discussed prospects of attracting American investors to the titanium industry of Ukraine and possibilities of creating a full cycle of titanium production in the country

The Ukrainian government has set its sights on the development of the titanium industry in the country. According to Oleh Uruskiy, minister of the strategic industry, recently the Cabinet of Ministers approved an action plan to implement the presidential decree No. 306, which required the adoption of the state target economic program for the development of the titanium industry within three months.

"Ukraine cannot have a closed cycle of titanium production," stressed Oleh Uruskiy.

The privatization tender for the sale of the United Mining and Chemical Company, scheduled for August 30, is not an obstacle on this path because even if its future owner is not ready to cooperate in this project, there are other deposits of titanium raw materials in the country.

Also, the vice prime minister and minister for strategic industries of Ukraine Oleg Uruskiy propose to expand the use of titanium in various spheres and improve the quality of its processing.

Head of the Ministry of Industry specified that the government at a meeting on August 11 approved a plan of measures to implement decree No. 306 On the promotion of prospecting, extraction and processing of minerals of strategic importance for sustainable development of the economy and defense capability of the state and proceeds to its implementation.

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