Useful Services in Ukrainian Smartphones

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, January 10, 2022
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Ukrainian services are moving to the phones: the most important of them

In just 10 years, Ukrainian services have completely transformed. Now it's not the client who needs to go after the service, but the service after the client. In truth, you don't have to go anywhere. Today, the most important services have moved to smartphones. And the main requirements of Ukrainians were: speed and simplicity.

That's the kind of need banks satisfy today in a smartphone. In 2022, you will rarely have to face a queue at the bank because the most popular operations can be performed remotely or even independently. Some banks even have an online lending feature without calling, filling out paperwork, etc. Two years ago, the number of mobile internet users globally reached 2 billion people. Today the number of bank branches in Ukraine is decreasing. Over the next year, it is planned to close up to 100 branches of various banks.

Taxi on smartphones is another service that has already almost completely migrated to Ukrainian phones. Passenger transport organizations with applications for phones have become popular quickly enough. The transfer of the taxi to the phone happened thanks to the solution of many problems:

  • Inability to control the order without calling the dispatcher — have you found the car or not, the make and license plates of the investing-in-ukraine/business-opportunities/automotive/" rel="dofollow">vehicle;
  • Lack of control of the car — where it is located, what time it will arrive at its destination;
  • Impossibility of cashless payments if the driver does not have a terminal.

The digitalization of all taxi processes is a Ukrainian breakthrough, which gave impetus to the founding of a successful business for many Ukrainian and foreign companies.

Delivery of food and other goods is another useful service that has moved to phones. The food delivery service became especially popular during the exacerbation of the pandemic. Although food could previously be ordered by phone, today, it can be done without phone calls and with the ability to monitor the status of the order.

Government services are also gradually transforming. At first, it was an opportunity to register an electronic queue. Still, today there is a special application in the country where can get the most popular government services in electronic form:

  • Obtaining a certificate;
  • Registering a child;
  • Registering business, etc.

This public services program is called Diia. It is used by 11 million Ukrainians, 6 of them using their phones.

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