Vinnytsia Region and German Partners Launch €4.2 Million Fruit and Vegetable Development Project

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, January 29, 2024
Vinnytsia Region and German Partners Launch €4.2 Million Fruit and Vegetable Development Project

A collaborative project worth €4.2 million, aimed at developing the fruit and vegetable sector, has been initiated in Ukraine’s Vinnytsia region

This venture involves a partnership between GFA Consulting Group LLC from Germany, the Vinnytsia Regional Military Administration, Illinets Agrarian Vocational College, and the Naukovo State University - Scientific and Methodological Center of Higher and Vocational Higher Education in Kyiv.

The project's primary objectives encompass a range of initiatives, including agricultural legal and organizational consulting for key state institutions, enhancement of professional education and ongoing professional development, and the establishment of an agricultural advisory service specifically for the fruit and vegetable sector in the Vinnytsia region.

Notably, the project will facilitate strategic agricultural investments and support the creation of new enterprises within the sector. To operationalize these goals, two offices have been set up in Vinnytsia and Illintsy. Additionally, three focused working groups have been established, each dedicated to specific result areas: identifying priority consulting topics in fruit and vegetable cultivation, improving professional education and training of teaching staff in this field, and developing a business plan for an advisory center to foster growth in the fruit and vegetable sector.

Moreover, the project has designed financial instruments to propel further investments into the region's fruit and vegetable industry. The completion of this ambitious project is slated for 2025, marking a significant step towards the agricultural development in the Vinnytsia region.

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