Volodymyr Zelenskyy Came in Bucha

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, April 4, 2022
Volodymyr Zelenskyy Came in Bucha

On April 4, the president of Ukraine and the head of the presidential office, Andrii Yermak, arrived in the hero city of Bucha. City-witness of the ugliness of the Russian soul

The president was accompanied by BBC Ukraine journalists. Zelenskyy walked through the streets that the Russian nazis had recently liberated. Today, the president will see with his own eyes the horrors that the Russian "army" has created in the once-prosperous town. President Zelenskyy stressed that Merkel and Sarkozy needed to come to Bucha to see what their flirting with Russia was worth. The president gave a short interview with journalists. Main theses:

"It is essential for us that you see that this is a civilian population that is fighting for everyone today, receiving without electricity, without water. Despite this, they repulsed the Russian occupiers," Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

"Today, there were people who received humanitarian aid, and they had a question about whether we can help with food for homeless animals. This is a characteristic, I believe, of our people, who treat the animals of God as humans. And what you see around you, what you have done with this modern town, is a characteristic of the Russian military, which treated people worse than animals," Zelenskyy said.

"These are war crimes, and they will be recognized by the world as genocide. That you are here today and see what happened. We know thousands of people killed and tortured, with severed limbs, raped women, and murdered children. I think it's more than genocide. It is very difficult to talk when you see what they have done here. Every day there are people in barrels, in cellars, strangled. Just tortured. I think that if you have something to think about, you just need to think faster."

"I believe that there will be peace in Ukraine in any case. Ukraine cannot live in war because we are in Europe, in the 21st century. And we want peace, and we deserve it. And these people showed it, and the Armed Forces showed it. That is why there must be peace in our state. Peace cannot be without victory. Victory can be in a diplomatic format, in parallel with the fighting steps of our army. Our army demonstrates these steps, but it is not easy: we do not want to lose millions of people. Therefore, there must be one or another dialogue."

"We cannot even consider the possibility that something will be missing this time in Europe or the world to punish criminals. I do not consider this option. We will not give any percentage to this. This is not a situation with one or another alliance — it's about life and the fact that people were killed, tortured, a million proofs. Therefore, all those stories that let's wait for the trial will all be very slow. We will press as publicly as we can. We will not pause to find all the possibilities. But know that this is in favor of civilization. Because if we don't find a civilized way out, you know our people — they will find an uncivilized one."

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