“Wagner” May Attack Kyiv From Belarus

by Meifan Honcharuk
Sunday, June 25, 2023
“Wagner” May Attack Kyiv From Belarus

Prigozhin's escape to Belarus raises suspicions of the UK general lord Richard Dannatt

On June 24, Yevgen Prigozhin and 25.000 armed Wagnerites moved towards the Kremlin. A couple of hours later, Prigozhin changed his mind and agreed to Lukashenko's proposal to stop the attack in exchange for asylum in Belarus. British general lord Richard Dannatt in an interview with Sky News said that this manoeuvre might be part of Wagner's plan to attack Kyiv from the territory of Belarus.

General lord says that the sudden move of Prigozhin and his armed team to Belarus "causes some concern." In addition, if Putin's protege "kept an effective fighting force around him, then he presents a threat again to the Ukrainian flank closest to Kyiv."

Events in Russia on June 24 Dannatt called "fiasco," aftershocks from which more will appear in the future.

"Putin is definitely much diminished. The Russian military... is clearly in some disarray."

Many politicians consider Prigozhin's strange operation was planned, and Gitanas Nauseda described the current Putin as "naked."

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