War Crimes Investigation and the ICC 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Sunday, April 30, 2023
War Crimes Investigation and the ICC 

The Netherlands sent a 3rd group of military forensic experts to Ukraine

The Dutch Ministry of defense reported that a group of experts went to Ukraine this week to investigate war crimes of the Russian army and mercenaries. The group included 60 specialists from the Dutch Ministry of defense (in particular, the military police). The team also included 9 experts from Chezia.

"The duties of the team are to investigate and preserve evidence. This is done under the auspices of the International Criminal Court," the Czech Ministry of defense.

The first mission of the Dutch experts took place in May 2022, then in December 2022, and this is the third one. Evidences of Russian crimes, which were collected as part of the investigations, was transferred to the International Criminal Court.

Today, 36 countries called for the formation of a Special Tribunal that will judge those involved in war crimes in Russia.

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