“Warm” Greetings From Denmark

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, September 6, 2022
“Warm” Greetings From Denmark

Volodymyr Zelenskyy met in Kyiv with Danish foreign minister Jeppe Kofod, who announced new assistance for Ukraine

Last week, the Danish foreign minister visited Ukraine again and "brought warm gifts". During the meeting with the president of Ukraine, a foreign politician said that his country is ready to continue to assist Ukraine. It is reported that Copenhagen is ready to take part in restoring the Mykolaiv region after the war's end. Now the state also wants to help the Ukrainian military. Therefore, Jeppe Kofod declared Denmark's readiness to supply the Ukrainian armed forces with winter clothing. Note that the Ukrainian army has about 200.000 people, the cold is coming, and Russia is not going to leave the territory of Ukraine voluntarily.

The president of Ukraine thanked them for this decision and noted that military uniforms and winter clothes are essential in the war. Also, Zelenskyy awarded Jeppe Kofod the Order of Merit to a foreign minister. Denmark's minister of foreign affairs was awarded for strengthening interstate cooperation, support of Ukraine's sovereignty, and popularization of Ukraine in the world.

"We are grateful and very much appreciate this help. We perceive this as partnership and friendly, warm relations between our states," said the head of the state, which is resisting Russian aggression.

We are also raising funds to buy warm clothes for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. If you want to participate, follow the link.

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