“We Are Going to Keep Moving Heaven and Earth to Meet Kyiv’s Needs”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, April 26, 2022
“We Are Going to Keep Moving Heaven and Earth to Meet Kyiv’s Needs”

A conference in Ramstein, initiated by Lloyd Austin, raised $5 billion for Ukraine. 3.7 of them from the USA

On April 26, the summit of the international advisory group started, in which more than 40 foreign ministers took part. Among those present were representatives of all NATO countries. According to the conference organizers, the primary purpose of the meeting is to cooperate and increase military assistance to Ukraine, which will soon defeat Russia. "Ukraine clearly believes that it can win, and so does everyone here," said Lloyd Austin.

“The US wants to defeat Russia on the battlefield. The secret trip to Kyiv of the head of the Pentagon and the US secretary of state means a global change in American thinking — the US is ready to really help Ukraine win” The Economist.

Military analysts compared the Winter war of the USSR against Finland, when the latter retained statehood, but lost territories. “I used to think that the Winter war was the best thing Ukraine could achieve. Now I think this is the best that Russia can achieve,” Dan Fried, Washington think tank.

Today, America, which provides Ukraine with vast shipments of weapons, requires other countries to actively participate in the rearmament of Ukraine, taking into account the concentration of hostilities in the Donbas and southern Ukraine. "We will move heaven and earth to meet Ukraine's security requirements," Austin said.

Lloyd Austin recalled that Russia's war is moving "into a new phase," so the need to build up joint support should develop "at a record pace." Therefore, the participating countries jointly collected more than $5 billion, $3.7 billion of which was provided by the United States. "Ukraine strongly believes that it can win, and everyone here thinks so," Lloyd Austin.

"I am proud to announce that today's meeting will become the monthly Ukrainian defense contact group. The Contact Group will be a vehicle for countries of goodwill to step up efforts, coordinate assistance, and focus on winning today's struggles and the struggles of the future," the USA minister of defense concluded.

A distinctive feature of the summit is that for the struggle for the freedom of Ukraine, weapons of NATO standards will now be provided, and not just those with which the Ukrainian army can work. Ukraine's assistance case will also include training on using the new equipment.

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