“We Are Not Like Germany”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, April 20, 2022
“We Are Not Like Germany”

The Czech Republic, USA, Netherlands, Romania, Finland, Great Britain, Canada, Norway again send a new batch of weapons and military equipment to Ukraine

Military equipment and weapons arrive in Ukraine every week to fight Russian aggression. The world is helping us because we stand as a shield in front of the whole of Europe, and Putin will not stop in Ukraine.

“Putin needs to be stopped in Ukraine before he can move west. Ukraine is literally fighting for our future," Slovak minister of defense Jaroslav Nagy.

With the words “We Are Not Like Germany”, Holland announced its intention to send armored personnel carriers to Ukraine.

“The war in Ukraine is entering a new phase. We will continue to support Ukraine. Therefore, the Netherlands, in cooperation with other countries, will supply there with heavier military equipment, starting with armored personnel carriers,” Dutch minister of defense Kajsa Ollongren tweeted.

The Czech Republic. This state helps Ukraine not only with weapons but also with its maintenance. Also, the Czech Republic was the first of all states to supply Ukraine with heavy equipment: on March 5, it sent T-72 tanks for our army for free. On April 13, the Czech Republic sent 20 RM-70 multiple launch rocket systems to Ukraine. After this delivery, on April 16, Russia sent a note of protest to Prague with the message that the Czech Republic did not have the right to distribute Soviet-made equipment. The head of the Ministry of foreign affairs called this note nonsense, since there is no clause prohibiting re-export.

On April 20, the Ministries of defense of Ukraine and the Czech Republic agreed on maintaining Ukrainian equipment by Czech facilities. Through the Czech agency AMOS, Ukraine will be able to receive repairs of military equipment. The first contract covers T-64 tanks, next will be steel armored vehicles.

"The Czech Republic has become the first partner country to which the Ukrainian side has officially requested mutual cooperation between Czech and Ukrainian companies in the field of repair of ground equipment that should be put into service or damaged during hostilities," Czech minister of defense Yana Chernokhova.

Romania. The country borders Ukraine. To help our Ukrainian army, the country's parliament changed the legislation. Now Romania can legally and without prejudice to state interests provide military assistance to both NATO countries and partner countries. That is, in the most urgent case, Ukraine.

This week, Ukraine received from the United States and allied countries components to repair our aviation. According to John Kirby, “this will allow the Ukrainians to put more aircraft into the air.” Also, from day to day, it is planned to announce the second $800 million package of military assistance. According to NBC News, the Joe Biden administration plans an announcement this week.

Finland has joined the general contribution to freedom. The Ministry of defense announced the supply of military weapons to Ukraine. The exact content of the party is yet unknown.

On April 19, Justin Trudeau announced the delivery of a batch of heavy artillery to Ukraine. Artillery expected soon.

More artillery will arrive in Ukraine from the UK. "This is going to be an artillery standoff, they need artillery support, and that's what we're going to give them. In addition to many other forms of support," Boris Johnson. According to Downing Street, it is artillery now of decisive importance in the war in eastern Ukraine.

Boris Johnson promised to provide Ukraine with artillery. The decision was made because "the war with Russia has entered a new phase." Reuters quotes a British politician. The package includes artillery pieces and tens of thousands of artillery shells.

On April 20, it became known that 100 Magistral anti-aircraft missile systems from Norway would arrive in Ukraine in the near future.

Separately, I would like to note the contribution of Latvia. According to Latvian president Egils Levits, his state has already sent a third of its annual defense budget to help Ukraine. Levits calls on other countries to follow suit to build Ukraine's military power. According to Egils Levits, many NATO countries help Ukraine, but everyone should help.

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