“We’re All Gonna Die”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, December 8, 2022
“We’re All Gonna Die”

Actors of the "Netflix" series "Wednesday" expressed about the Russian-Ukrainian war

The actors of the film, which became the new record-holder of the Netflix streaming platform this fall, do not stay away from the war. The main cast of the series Wednesday is concerned about the ongoing violence in Ukraine and is even preparing to experience the terrible consequences of the war. This was reported by Christina Richie to Interview Magazine.

American actress, and star of the series The Adams Family (1991) and the standard miniseries Wednesday (2022), Christina Richie says that she was in Romania when the war started. In Bucharest, filming of the series took place, but suddenly everything stopped and the crew and the actors fell into a panic.

"I remember that morning at 4:00 (24 of February) when everyone was in the living room when they left Romania. Everyone was exhausted. I went crazy because I was sure that somewhere near us would bomb a nuclear power plant and we’d all die. I remember feeling like we were running away," said Richie.

Another Netflix character, Jenna Ortega, was affected by Russia’s attack on Ukraine. She has been against the war since its inception. Jenna Ortega still supports Ukraine on social networks.

These actors were near dangerous points. American actors with one of the nuclear power plants were only 906 km apart. Not surprisingly, some actors thought that everyone would die because the aggressor country was shelling nuclear plants.

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