What is a “Cyberaxlerator” and Who Is in the First Set

Wednesday, August 4, 2021
What is a “Cyberaxlerator” and Who Is in the First Set

There are product and service startups in the field of cybersecurity in Ukraine. Ten of them managed to get into the first acceleration program in Ukraine from "SocialBoost"

What is a Cyberaxlerator?

Cyberaxlerator is one of the components of the USAID Cyber ​​Security Project for Ukraine's Critical Infrastructure.

Graduates of the program are promised access to the USAID Seed Grant Fund, which totals about $3 million, plus assistance in attracting investment from partner funds.

The organizers also recommend the most successful graduates to participate in the Cyber ​​investing-in-ukraine/service-for-investors/business-mentor/" rel="dofollow">Mentor/Protégé Program, which is conducted by the American company VFI.

According to representatives of the accelerator, within the program, Ukrainian technology SMEs will receive mentoring from large IT companies.

Who got to Cyberaxlerator?

Cyberlands BV — offers companies and corporations replicated and scalable pentests and cybersecurity audits, forms, and trains teams capable of conducting security audits.

Specializes in API & Mobile Security Assessment (iOS, Android), Kubernetes.

H-X Technologies — conducts audits, implements information security standards, helps maintain their implementation, working with the full process cycle for industrial security.
The company offers its customers Security Operations Services (SOC) on the SaaS model.

Intelli Group — builds and maintains all processes in the client's company related to the IT component, eliminating the need to hire several specialists with different expertise. Focuses on working with small and medium businesses.

ITEXE — people from the financial sector and fintech business, so they offer security services to banks, credit institutions, insurance, brokerage companies, stock exchanges, payment services.

once.REST — works on data anonymization and encryption tools. Among the solutions offered by the team is, in particular, counteraction to unwanted interference, available to customers without special training. The team also works in the B2C segment.

Radar — monitors the appearance of personal user data in the darknet to warn of a leak as soon as possible. The company notifies the user that the data has been compromised and gives recommendations for protection: password changes, blocking of bank cards, etc.

Sekurno is a service IT company that works with pentests, security process audits, and compliance with the implementation of international standards GDPR, ISO27001, ISO9001, SOC2, consults and implements cybersecurity processes in the development process, security operations support.

Security Steps — a service of automated training, verification, and monitoring of knowledge in the field of protection against information attacks.

Ukrainian Interbank Payment Systems Members Association EMA — develops an online service for tracking unauthorized payments with web and API interfaces based on Anti-Fraud HUB within the acceleration program.

Unlink VR Inc. — integrated post-quantum encryption system. Builds secure information exchange channels using post-quantum cryptography and the principles of quantum physics.
The selected teams are currently working on partnerships, improving operational efficiency, and attracting additional resources. Details about the selection for the second cohort of participants of Cyberaxlerator promise to announce later.

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