Independence — It Is Not About Russia

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, August 24, 2022
Independence — It Is Not About Russia

On August 24, Russia fired more than 10 missiles at Ukrainian cities in less than 12 hours

August 24 in Ukraine marks Independence Day. 31 years ago, the corresponding act was signed. The military administrations of the regions have taken all security measures to save the Ukrainians from the "congratulations" of the Russians. Russia likes to "congratulate" Ukraine. First with the victory in the Eurovision, then with the signing of the lend-lease, etc. This time the aggressor tried to break the independent people. Since noon, the air-raid alarm in many areas has not subsided. Unfortunately, there are missile strikes.

Night explosions sounded in Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, and the Dnipro. At the moment, it is known that the occupiers struck Zaporizhzhia with 9 missiles. Explosions sounded in the city centre and on the outskirts. Infrastructure was damaged. There were no casualties. At 3 p.m., the occupiers struck a private house and Sinelnikovsky district. Under the rubble, there were 2 children.

Kharkiv and the suburbs are shelling almost continuously. The occupiers use missiles, rockets, and cluster shells. At the moment know about 1 victim and many private homes that have been destroyed.

Dnipro suffered from 2 missiles at 3:30 a. m. The strike hit the outskirts. There were no casualties. Later the regional district between the Dnipro and the Donetsk region reported on the work of the air defence and the new explosion.

In the morning, the Russian invaders "sent congratulations" to Mirhorod, Poltava region. 831 tactical aviation brigade of Ukraine reported a group strike. 4 missiles hit the military infrastructure. Rescue work has begun, and the number of casualties is still unknown.

The Kyiv and Sumy regions reported on the work of the air defence.

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