When Money Can Replace Living Power

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, September 24, 2022
When Money Can Replace Living Power

Latvia buys 45 tactical drones and 15 off-road automobiles for the Ukrainian armed forces

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy said recently that Latvia, Poland, and the peoples of these countries are stable partners for Ukraine. The confirmation did not take long — Latvians raised €900.000 for the Ukrainian army. With these funds will be purchased modern SUVs and tactical drones.

This became known on September 21 at the embassy of Ukraine during a press conference with representatives of Latvian media with the participation of the ambassador of Ukraine Oleksandr Mischenko, minister of defence of Latvia Artis Pabriks, parliamentary secretary of the ministry of defence of Latvia Baiby Blodnietse, Latvian musician Ralfs Eilands and head of Latvian charity foundation Ziedot.lv.

It should be noted that the original purpose of the gathering was Bayraktars. However, the participants of the press conference appealed to all who donated to the framework of the project to raise funds for the Turkish Bayraktar, with a request to change the purpose of the project and to buy 45 tactical drones and 15 SUVs for the Ukrainian defenders. This military assistance will be transferred to the armed forces of Ukraine soon.

Note that the initiator of the fundraising for the drone from Turkey was the musician Ralph Eilands. People reacted actively and began to seek help from Ukraine. The decision to donate another type of military equipment to Ukraine is due to the speed of assistance. 

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