Where is the Most Expensive Real Estate in Ukraine?

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, December 21, 2021
Where is the Most Expensive Real Estate in Ukraine?

According to experts, the most expensive real estate in the primary housing market is in the Pechersk region of the Ukrainian capital

Pechersky is one of the central districts of Kyiv, which has long been considered an elite area. Once upon a time, this area was inhabited by high-ranking officials and aristocrats. Now the district has retained its elitism, and therefore the prices for housing, food and entertainment are much higher here than in other parts of Kyiv. In the Pechersk district, historical buildings are adjacent to skyscrapers, and ancient monuments are hidden in the thickets of parks and courtyards.

Pechersky is the smallest of all the metropolitan areas. Its area is only 19.6 sq. meters. Km., and almost 18%of them are green areas, as there are 26 squares and seven parks.

155.091 people live in the district. The largest population group is occupied by people from 15-24 years old and pensioners.

Attractions of the area

There is no shortage of attractions in the Pechersk region. There are over 600 cultural heritage sites and many ancient architectural structures. Here is the mystical House with Chimeras, and the Gingerbread House, also known as Lieberman's mansion, and Halperin's estate, built in the neo-renaissance style, and the majestic Mariinsky palace, and the ancient Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra.

Price per square meter In the Pechersk region of Kyiv, a new building on average is $2425, which is $128 more than in October this year.

Average apartment prices in Pechersk

Most of the apartments in Pechersk, located in new buildings, belong to the business class or are truly elite real estate.

The most popular and non-standard projects in the Pechersk region include the following complexes:

  • Stanford;
  • Edeldorf hills;
  • Washington Concept House;
  • Taryan Towers;
  • Aria.
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