Which Apartment Is More Profitable to Buy in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, January 20, 2022
Which Apartment Is More Profitable to Buy in Ukraine

Advantages and disadvantages of buying apartments with or without reconstruction

Ukrainian experts in the field of real estate say that people choose the type of apartment depending not on price categories but buyers' needs. They explain that there are buyers who want to realize their dreams and projects. But some want to buy an apartment just for rent or because they are in dire need of housing. Such different conditions lead to different properties: with repairs and without repairs. Therefore, the purchase of ready-made housing will be a good option for those who urgently seek housing. And the purchase of a "box" will suit the dreamers, who are already very close to the goal. But several other things will help you understand which property is better.

The purchase of a refurbished apartment has its perks:

  • Saving on $15 thousand

This feature only comes with interior decoration. In a new building, 1 m² repair costs as much as $500.

  • Payment in installments

Ready-made apartments are often sold with the possibility of installments. This makes it possible to purchase the desired dwelling even without the total amount at the time of the conclusion of the sales contract. By the way, real estate in Ukraine is sold on a non-cash settlement, which in the modern world makes transactions convenient.

  • Guarantee

Dwellings are purchased in a new building, most often with a guarantee from the developer. Therefore, in the case of poor-quality repairs, a claim can be made to the development.

The main shortcomings of ready-made apartments in Ukraine are:

  • Classic renovation of all apartments;
  • Renovations from the developer are inexpensive.

The advantages of an empty apartment are limited by the full realization of its buyers' wishes and the possibility of choosing materials of any quality. But you have to remember that the main drawbacks in these apartments are a significant amount of time and resources spent on repairs.

Let’s remind that we talked about what documents are needed for buying housing in Ukraine earlier. 

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