Why Russia Doesn’t Destroy Ukraine’s Gas Pipeline

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, April 2, 2022
Why Russia Doesn’t Destroy Ukraine’s Gas Pipeline

Looking at the destroyed maternity hospitals and the school, one might think that Russia's aim has gone astray. But an entire pipeline destroys all doubts about the Kremlin's accuracy.

Minister of energy Olena Zerkal, in a briefing for Ukrainians, explained the reasons why Russian troops have not yet touched our gas system. The reason is as simple as possible  — the Kremlin needs him. Putin, who does not stop trying to conquer our country, considers our gas infrastructure his strategic unit. Russia has always been a country obsessed with gas, and therefore everything related to gas is of value to the Kremlin.

"They have nowhere to put this gas, so they cannot damage our gas pipeline, they need it," she said.

We remind you that not succumbing to Putin's blackmail, Europe unanimously declared that payment for gas would be made exclusively in euros, according to the contract. European commissioner Paolo Gentiloni called Putin's demand "an attempt to circumvent European sanctions and blackmail the European Union."

"Firstly, the agreements must be observed, and in the existing agreement, there are no obligations to pay in rubles. Secondly, Moscow will not be able to blackmail us," Gentiloni notes.

After holding out for less than a week, Putin agreed to the terms of the buyers.

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