Work for a Sip of Water Or Die

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, June 23, 2022
Work for a Sip of Water Or Die

Occupants force Ukrainians in Mariupol to work for a portion of the drinking water

Mayor of Mariupol Vadym Boychenko spoke about what is happening now in the former metropolis and prosperous maritime city in the center of Europe. Russian rocket attacks and bombs destroyed 90% of the city's infrastructure. Accordingly, the city has no centralized water supply, electricity and gas.

"Residents who still remain in the city complain of an acute water and food shortage. Drinking water tanks have been installed at several points in the city," Vadym Boychenko.

The occupiers are forcing Ukrainians to dismantle the rubble of buildings. For a full day of hard physical labor, Ukrainians are paid in the form of drinking water. I remind you that there is also no food in the city. Right now, the city is dying of hunger and thirst. The first person in Mariupol who died of dehydration was a girl Tanya, who was 6 years old. On March 8, she died of thirst while hiding with her parents from Russian rocket fire.

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