World Insists to Save Defenders of “Azovstal”

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, March 30, 2023
World Insists to Save Defenders of “Azovstal”

On 25-26 March, peaceful actions in support of POWs of "Azovstal" were held in Europe 

For almost a year, Ukraine with all humanitarian methods and international norms is trying to return the Ukrainian defenders who saved the Ukrainians from a rapid fall. We are talking about soldiers and volunteers who defended the Azovstal plan in Mariupol, particularly the soldiers of the regiment Azov. These men held back the advance of the Russian soldiers, after which they surrendered on the orders of the commander-in-chief. However, after the defenders left the factory, there was a trial of prisoners and a massacre in Olenivka. Russian soldiers did all this. While the Kremlin has not given the defenders of Mariupol for almost a year. The biggest problem appeared with the fighters from the Azov regiment. They are considered a terrorist organization in Russia, so more than 800 defenders have already been in captivity for 314 days.

Therefore, on March 25 and 26, rallies were held throughout Europe to liberate Azov fighters and Azovstal defenders in general. Representatives of Ukraine and foreign friends came to the square of Cyprus, Slovakia, Great Britain, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Moldova, Georgia, and Poland. The protesters also recalled the heroes in  America.

10 months Ukrainian heroes in captivity enemies. Ordinary people are trying to get freedom for them until international organizations have no response, and the Russian Federation includes the names of Azovstal fighters in the list of prisoner exchanges.

But the people will fight for the last hero just as they fought for the life of Ukraine!

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