World Produces Revaluation of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, March 30, 2022
World Produces Revaluation of Ukraine

According to the commander of the US and NATO forces in Europe, they overestimated the strength of Russia and underestimated the power of Ukraine

"The United States overestimated the capabilities of Russia and underestimated the ability of the Ukrainian army to hold the line. Intelligence gaps could be the culprit," Tod Walters, general commander of US and NATO forces in Europe.

On March 29, a Senate Armed Services Committee meeting was held. During his speech, Walters noted that US intelligence believed that Kyiv would be captured by Russia in a few days. However, the whole world is now seeing the opposite. Yes, the date of the attack on Ukraine was calculated accurately, but the forecast for the development of the war turned out to be erroneous.

Therefore, Walters decided to analyze the entire structure of their intelligence in order to identify weak links.

"When this crisis is over, as we always do, we will conduct a comprehensive review of actions in all areas and in all departments and find out where our weak points were, and make sure we can find ways to eliminate them," Tod Walters.

Recall that on the day of Russia's attack on Ukraine, our departments turned to Germany for help in arming. And they received a response from finance minister Christian Lindner that "Ukraine has just a few hours left" and it is pointless to supply aid. This message from Germany became known thanks to the ambassador of Ukraine to Germany, Andrii Melnyk. However, the name of a person who does not see a state in Ukraine became known only 2 days ago thanks to an article by Reuters journalist Thomas Escritt.

"You are not mistaken that you are winning. You are winning this war," Victoria Nuland, US under secretary of state for political affairs. This is the current world' position. 

Ukraine Will Win! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!

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