No Negotiations With Russians Until They Learn to Live in a Civilized World

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, December 27, 2022
No Negotiations With Russians Until They Learn to Live in a Civilized World

German defence minister says it will take decades for Russia to restore relations with the rest of the world

In one of the recent briefings, Olaf Scholz stated that Europe will immediately return to the "pre-war order" with Russia as soon as Putin stops the war and abandons armed aggression against other states.

In response, German defence minister Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann said that a "pre-war order" with a country led by a criminal, terrorist, mass murderer, and where the majority of the population supports the war is impossible.

"It's news to me that he (Scholz — ed.) said this. However, I also think that this is absolutely unrealistic. This Russia has left the community of humanitarian states. Vladimir Putin is a war criminal, a terrorist, a mass murderer," Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann.

The minister recalled that more than 80% of Russians support the war against the Ukrainians and all the war crimes that this war entails.

"Many Russian soldiers who daily kill, burn, torture and rape are also responsible for this war," Strack-Zimmermann.

|There will be no unburdened, normal relations with Russia for decades. The political system in Russia has completely degraded and must be completely changed. Therefore, the task of the next generations, if Russia changes, will be to start talking to each other again," the minister concluded.

Attempts to negotiate with a terrorist are periodically made by the presidents of European states. German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier has already regretted that he once also supported such a position.

The cover of the article captures the events of the first days of the Russian war against Ukraine. The child was killed by Russian shelling.

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