The Inhuman Murderers Were Not Only In Bucha

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, April 9, 2022
The Inhuman Murderers Were Not Only In Bucha

In the Kharkiv region, a burned family was found

On April 7, 2022, the Ukrainian military liberated the village of Gusarovka, the Kharkiv region, from the Russian invaders. Rescuers began searching and providing assistance, as in other cities and villages. The evidence found by the Ukrainian army was as shocking as the crimes in Bucha.

In the basement of one of the houses were found burnt parts of the bodies of three people. Among the dead — a child. The police think the Russian occupiers may have abused people, tortured them, and used them for their ends before killing them. Whether people were burned alive or were set on fire after a brutal murder will be shown by the investigation. But one thing is clear now — it was a deliberate act of violence. The version with a hit missile or projectile is impossible, as the house and all buildings in the area of the site are whole.

"According to the investigation, the Russian military during the occupation of Gusarovka, Izyum district, tortured and then set three residents on fire. Russian military covered bodies tires from a car before setting the fire," the press service of the Kharkiv regional prosecutor’s office told.

It had been only three days since the village’s liberation, but the police had already discovered many crimes. The occupants shot a car with a family that was rescuing a three-year-old child. All died.

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