“Rape Is Russia’s Military Strategy in Ukraine”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, October 17, 2022
“Rape Is Russia’s Military Strategy in Ukraine”

A special representative of the UN secretary-general on strategic sexual violence over Ukrainian children, women and men 

Rape is an order of the Russian government. UN spokeswoman Pramila Patten reported this in a comment by Voice of America. According to her data and collected testimonies, the Russian military has special pills for potency and choice as victims of women and young girls. However, Patten claims that both men and boys also are victims of sexual violence. Being something unlike earthly creatures, they choose Ukrainians between the ages of 4 and 82. But Ukraine and foreign experts have evidences of Russia's rape of children under 4 years and even newborn babies. 

"When women are held for days and raped, when you start to rape little boys and men, when you see a series of genital mutilations, when you hear women testify about Russian soldiers equipped with Viagra, it's clearly a military strategy," Pramilla Patten.

"And when the victims report what was said during the rapes, it is clearly a deliberate tactic to dehumanise the victims."

On September 27, the UN monitoring mission released updated data on sexual offences. According to them, at least 1 women and 1 girl were raped. There were also 15 cases of sexual violence as a method of torture or ill-treatment of men. The Russian military also likes to force both men and women considered "delinquents" to undress in public. All the data is inconclusive due to the many casualties in the occupied territories. There are also occupied territories in Ukraine to which the Ukrainian military has not yet had access.

"It's very difficult to have reliable statistics during an active conflict, and the numbers will never reflect reality, because sexual violence is a silent crime" that is largely underreported," Pramila Patten.

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