26.000 Rapes 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, October 4, 2022
26.000 Rapes 

The prosecutor general of Ukraine: Russians have committed 26.000 acts of sexual violence against Ukrainians. The youngest victims were less than a year old

Since the first days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, war crimes have been recorded, including sexual crimes. Soon, a commission of Ukrainian forensic experts, deputies and prosecutors will be convened to voice the number of reported sexual assaults during the war. According to the prosecutor general's office, more than 26.000 crimes against people and the state have been recorded since February 24. However, the number of sexual assaults had never been mentioned before. This topic is serious, so Ukrainian experts first investigated with the help of a special commission.

Russian invaders raped the Ukrainian population: women, men, children (girls and boys), babies, old people. The rapes were often group rapes and were accompanied by the victim's beating. Often after the rape, the victim was killed.

The commission collects evidence, communicates, and registers evidence. Already now, the commission member, people's deputy Maryna Bardina, reports that there are cases of Russian soldiers referred to the court. For example, Mykhailo Romanov, a serviceman of the Russian national guard 239 regiments, should be tried for violent actions against Ukrainians. Bardina also claims that the Russians have displayed so many sexual atrocities that Russia will surely be punished. 

At the same time, the organization Human Rights Watch had previously reported that they had registered 3 cases. The La Strada organization received 9 complaints from 12 people — a case of gang rape by Russian soldiers. However, the United Nations reports that since February 24, there have been over 124 rape cases. The Ukrainian commission will soon provide the first figures and evidence of its investigations. 

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