Worldwide Congratulation for Ukraine Due to Its Independence Day  

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, August 24, 2023
Worldwide Congratulation for Ukraine Due to Its Independence Day      

"United24" ambassadors congratulated Ukrainians with a poem "Love Our Ukraine" by the Ukrainian poet 

On 24 August 2023, the Ukrainian people are celebrating the 32nd anniversary of the proclamation of the act of independence of the country. This year, the congratulations were joined by foreign athletes, performers and movie stars who support Ukraine through the global initiative United 24.

The stars recorded a video in which they read a piece of Love our Ukraine poem by Ukrainian poet Volodymyr Sosiura. Liev Schreiber, Timothy Snyder, Misha Collins, Mark Strong, Katheryn Winnick, Scott Kelly, Michel Hazanavicius pronounce words in Ukrainian. The congratulations were joined by other participants, famous Ukrainians, United 24: Ivanna Sakhno,  Andrii Shevchenko, Oleksandr Usyk. Hollywood and intercontinental stars from all areas of activity also said they saw the pride and strength of a nation at war. They were encouraged by the courage and desire of the people to live in freedom.

The video greeting lasts less than a minute, but it is essential for the country. Now, Ukrainians are again fighting for their independence. Therefore, discussing Russia's military aggression and tragedies on the world stage is the best support from the residents of other countries.


Love Ukraine like the sun, love
like wind, grass, and water...
In the happy hour and in the moment of joy,
love in the hour of disaster.

Love Ukraine in a dream and reality,
my cherry Ukraine, and
her beauty, eternally alive and new,
and her nightingale language.

Between brotherly peoples, like a bountiful garden,
it shines over the ages...
Love Ukraine with all your heart
and with all your works.

For us, she is the only one in the world
in the space of a sweet spell...
She is in the stars, and she is in the willows,
and in every heartbeat,

in a flower, in a bird, in electric lights,
in the song in each, in the thought,
in a child's smile, in a girl's eyes
and in the noise of the crimson flags...

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