Zelensky Arrives in Brussels to Sign Three Security Agreements

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, June 27, 2024
Zelensky Arrives in Brussels to Sign Three Security Agreements

President Volodymyr Zelensky has arrived in Brussels to participate in a pivotal European Council meeting and to sign three significant security agreements

This visit marks a crucial step in Ukraine's journey toward EU membership and strengthens its security ties with European nations.

Key Highlights

  • EU Membership Negotiations: Ukraine has commenced formal negotiations for EU membership. President Zelensky's presence in Brussels underscores the importance of this milestone and the continued commitment to European integration.

  • Security Agreements: During his visit, Zelensky will sign three critical security agreements. One of these agreements will be with the European Union as a whole, marking a historic commitment from all 27 EU member states to provide broad support to Ukraine, regardless of any internal institutional changes.

  • Meetings with EU Leaders: The visit's agenda includes high-level meetings with EU leaders and bilateral negotiations with individual member states. These discussions aim to further solidify Ukraine's path toward EU integration and ensure sustained support amidst ongoing conflicts.

President Zelensky's Statement

In a message on Telegram, President Zelensky emphasized the significance of this visit:

"These days, Ukraine has started actual negotiations on EU membership. Today I am in Brussels to take part in the meeting of the European Council and to thank all European leaders for unity and for confirming the irreversibility of our European course," he stated.

He also highlighted the strategic importance of the upcoming agreements, noting that the EU-wide security agreement will obligate all member states to support Ukraine broadly, reinforcing the collective security framework.

Context and Background

  • Previous Security Agreements: Ukraine has already concluded 17 security agreements with various nations, including all G7 members. These agreements are part of a broader strategy to enhance Ukraine's defense capabilities and international support.

  • European Council Meeting: The European Council meeting is expected to address key issues related to Ukraine's integration into the EU and collective security measures. Zelensky's participation is crucial for rallying further support and ensuring the continuity of Ukraine's European trajectory.


President Zelensky's visit to Brussels is a significant step in Ukraine's EU membership negotiations and a critical moment for enhancing the nation's security through new agreements. These developments underscore the unwavering support of the European Union for Ukraine amidst ongoing challenges and highlight the deepening ties between Ukraine and its European partners.

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