Zelensky’s Key Statements in Bloomberg Interview: Weapons, Trump, and Ceasefire

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, July 4, 2024
Zelensky’s Key Statements in Bloomberg Interview: Weapons, Trump, and Ceasefire

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently gave an extensive interview to Bloomberg, covering crucial topics such as the war, military aid, Ukraine’s NATO aspirations, and international diplomacy

Below are the highlights from his conversation:

1. Influence and Governance: Zelensky addressed rumors about Andriy Yermak's influence in the government, emphasizing that Yermak is a powerful manager who executes tasks assigned by Zelensky. He dismissed claims of shadow governance and reiterated his control over the administration.

2. Use of ATACMS in Russia: Zelensky stressed the need for the US to allow Ukraine to use ATACMS missiles to strike Russian military targets. He highlighted that without such capabilities, Russia would continue its aerial assaults, causing significant damage.

3. Personnel in the Armed Forces: The President acknowledged the challenges in military personnel management. He noted that while the army needs more equipment, there has been an improvement in the situation compared to the previous months.

4. NATO Membership: Zelensky clarified that Ukraine has not received any offers to join NATO based on the "German model," which would imply joining the alliance without deoccupying all territories. He emphasized that any such proposal must respect Ukraine's constitution and territorial integrity.

5. Chinese Weapons to Russia: Zelensky stated that Ukraine lacks definitive proof of Chinese weapons being supplied to Russia. However, he urged for international sanctions against China if such supplies were confirmed.

6. Attacks on Russia's Energy Sector: He defended Ukraine's strikes on Russian energy facilities, arguing it was a necessary response to Russia's attacks on Ukraine's infrastructure. He called for global support to prevent Russia from continuing these assaults.

7. Mediators in the War: Zelensky suggested that the United States and China could play crucial roles in mediating the conflict. He emphasized the need for both countries to pressure Russia jointly to ensure a fair resolution.

8. Possible Ceasefire Summit: He hinted at the possibility of inviting Russian President Vladimir Putin to the next Peace Summit, though he expressed doubts about Putin's willingness to engage in negotiations.

9. Forcing an End to the War: Zelensky asserted that unified global pressure could force Russia to end the war within the year. He called on the US and its allies to maintain their support for Ukraine and uphold international principles against aggression.


President Zelensky's interview with Bloomberg provided a comprehensive overview of Ukraine's current stance on the war, international support, and future diplomatic efforts. His comments highlight the critical need for continued global solidarity to ensure Ukraine's sovereignty and security.

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