Zelenskyy Arrived in Bakhmut

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, December 20, 2022
Zelenskyy Arrived in Bakhmut

On December 20, the president arrived in the hottest spot in Ukraine — more than 1.300 km of brutal hostilities

Since May 2022, the Russians have been trying to break through the protection of Bakhmut — a shield from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Bakhmut direction is the most dangerous point in Ukraine, where fighting does not stop for a second. The army of Ukraine reliably guards Soledar, Avdiivka, Maryinka, and Kremenskoe, preventing the Russians from breaking into the de-occupied part of Ukraine.

Today, December 20, president Zelenskyy arrived in Bakhmut without warning. Obviously, Zelenskyy's goal is to support our soldiers and thank them for how selflessly they defend the Bakhmut direction (Soledar, Avdiivka, Maryinka, Kremenske) and the entire Donetsk region. Before the arrival of Russia, the Donetsk region was the most powerful region of Ukraine, and Donetsk was the wealthiest city in Ukraine (even ahead of the capital).

"Just think about it: Russia has already lost about 99.000 of its soldiers in Ukraine. One of these days, there will be 100.000 losses of infidels. For what? No one in Moscow has an answer. And it won't. They wage war and waste people's lives — other people, not their loved ones, not their own lives, but others — and only because some bunch in the Kremlin does not know how to admit mistakes and is terribly afraid of reality. But the reality speaks for itself," Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

We remind you that on the third day after the liberation of Kherson, Volodymyr Zelenskyy also arrived in the city and met with its residents and fighters who liberated the Ukrainian city from Russian terror.

Glory to Ukraine!

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