Zelenskyy in Kherson

On November 14, the president of Ukraine arrived in the southern capital of Ukraine, gave a short interview and talked with residents
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On November 11, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated Kherson and the entire region from Russian occupation

This is a huge victory for Ukraine. Kherson, Kyiv and all the cities of Ukraine rejoiced for several days. Today,  president Zelenskyy arrived in Kherson to personally meet with the heroes — residents of Kherson.

Standing on the main square of the city, where the occupation flag was recently replaced with the flag of Ukraine, Zelenskyy said: "We are moving forward. We are ready for peace, peace for all our country."

The whole of Ukraine sang the national anthem during the risen of the flag. 

The president thanked the partner countries for providing weapons, which, together with Ukrainian courage and military prowess, gave Ukraine the opportunity to return its territories. According to Zelenskyy, the transfer of HIMARS to Ukraine "had made a big difference for Kyiv."

Many people from the city gathered in the square. Probably, they have not even dispersed since November 11 the day of the liberation of the city and mass folk exultation.

"I’m really happy, you can tell by the reaction of the people, their reaction is not staged."

The inscription on the poster is an excerpt from a poem by Taras Shevchenko, the national poet of Ukraine:

"And on renewed land
There will be no enemy, no adversary,
But will be a son and will be a mother,
And there will be people on (Ukrainian — ed.) land."

The poem tells about the fact that the Ukrainian people will not be enslaved by anyone but is and will be independent.

The inscription on the wall — "Glory to Ukraine"
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