Starting a business in Ukraine

Start a small Belgium business in Ukraine with GT Invest
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To start up in Ukraine, consider LLC. There are some legal requirements for businesses, including opening an office or registered location with appropriate utilities like electricity and water hook-ups before you can begin operations. However, this should not discourage anyone from pursuing their dreams because it is possible to set up shop without them if necessary

There isn’t always easy access to reliable Internet service. Still, many houses now have broadband connectivity through cable modems and DSL connections, so you don't need wifi 24/7 anyway — unless all your staff wants high speeds.

Investing in a country can be done through various means, but it takes more time and fees to open an investment bank account. Opening the basic kind of foreign currency-based business accounts for small businesses with local partners or employees is quick and easy because all taxes have been prebilled out already by your host government before the arrival.

To start a business in Ukraine is relatively simple, and the country protects its investors more than others

Paying taxes for your small-time company can be a complicated task with time-consuming requirements that will need to include issuing a POA

Having them apostilled/translated into Ukrainian then translated back again outside of National borders before you're able to establish legal standing as an officially registered resident (individual) on paper through registering at any municipality offices

Obtaining all necessary documentation, including filling out official forms where one has been nominated by another person currently serving at this position

LLC may enjoy a simplified tax regime if they qualify as small businesses

If your annual income is below $250.000 and you pay quarterly instead of yearly taxes (as an individual), then there are no social security payments required for yourself or other LLC members. However, any additional profits will be taxed at 18%. The corporate rate also varies depending on what type it is — with individuals paying 15% upfront followed by 1-5%, whereas companies must pay 22%. It would help issue permits before employing foreigners due to possible discrepancies between countries' visa regulations and labor laws.

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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