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Opportunities for starting a business in Ukraine
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Investing in Ukraine is likely to be one of the most significant business opportunities you can seize nowadays

Despite all the political difficulties, military conflict, and unstable economy of this country, Investing in Ukraine means investing in one of the most powerful markets with significant economic growth that provides efficient production facilities.

According to the World Bank, the ease of doing business index in Ukraine is currently ranked at 36 out of 190 countries. That is an excellent indicator for struggling with its troubled past. Investing in Ukraine will significantly benefit most foreign entrepreneurs who will profit from this growth and develop businesses by applying their skills and knowledge.

The main positive factors of investing in Ukraine are as follows:
  • Investing in Ukraine provides good tax conditions for entrepreneurs. Income taxes, land taxes, and other types of taxes are lower than average. The overall taxation level is below 20%. Corporate income tax is 5%, which makes Investing in Ukraine one of the best places to invest.
  • Investing in Ukraine is part of the European Union Association Agreement which facilitates Investing in Ukraine considerably due to the free trade regime.
  • The high amount of foreign investments funds Investing in Ukraine, especially greenfield investments.
  • Loyal relationships with business partners Investing in Ukraine are based on a sound historical background, so legal disputes are rare. That is why Investing in Ukraine is considered to be one of the most Investing friendly countries.
Business opportunities in Ukraine include a qualified workforce

The level of knowledge and education here is high. Investing in Ukraine has more than 1 million graduates every year, which provide a vast labor market for companies that Investing in Ukraine

Ukraine provides ample Investing opportunities. Ukraine has about

  • 130 major production facilities
  • close to 200 agricultural enterprises
  • 20 business parks. 

Ukraine provides good Investing conditions for machinery, equipment, and all types of Investing. This is why Investing in Ukraine proves to be an attractive site for foreign investors. 

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