Starting an aerospace business in Ukraine as a British businessman 
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Ukrainian aerospace industry is well advanced and high-tech because it has valid developments of spacecraft

Military and passenger aircraft were also developed in the country, and the aerospace engineering industry in Ukraine has given the world record holder cargo aircraft: AN-225 Mriya and AN-124 Ruslan. The unique experience in the aerospace technology industry makes it attractive for foreign investors, which is increasing every year.

Why invest in your aerospace business in Ukraine:

  • The aerospace equipment industry in Ukraine has an excellent reputation. The enterprises of this sector can produce modern products that can be used in aerospace systems or any other industries requiring high accuracy and reliability of components.
  • Ukrainian aerospace industry offers high-quality services, competitive prices, and modern technology.
  • Ukraine is also emerging as an aerospace subcontractor - its aerospace industry factories can produce various aerospace components
  • Ukraine is a country with a high aerospace standard
What is the aerospace industry of Ukraine concerned with aerospace design and aerospace manufacturing?
  • The aerospace industry plays an integral part in the Ukrainian economy
  • Yuzhnoye Design Bureau (Dnipro)
  • Antonov State Company (Kyiv)
  • Motor Sich (Zaporizhia)
  • State Aircraft Manufacturing Company "Ukraine" (Kiev)
  • Ukrainian Space Agency

The aerospace industry of Ukraine plays an essential role in the economy of the country. Ukrainian aerospace companies supply a significant share of components and equipment to foreign aerospace manufacturers.

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