Starting a business

Start your business in Ukraine as a Britain citizen
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To open a company in another country, particularly in Ukraine, you need to know the available types of business activities and the nuances of their implementation
  • call GT Invest
  • open a bank account
  • register a company
  • obtain permissions

Are you looking to start a business in the country? A British citizen in Ukraine can start a business in several different ways. Setting up an investment bank account, opening up your own home-based business, or starting with a franchise are all viable options.

The most important thing to do before starting a business in Ukraine is research. Look into regulations, start-up costs, location, local laws, and start writing your business plan with your country's rules in mind.

 Once you have decided how your start-up capital will be laid out, it is time to start looking for the best fit. There are several different structures of business which start a business owner can choose from Sole trader, Limited company and franchise start-up.

Starting a business sole trader is the most leisurely start-up structure for starting a business in Ukraine or other countries

However, it comes with several limitations, such as limited capital and loss of assets. To start a business as a sole trader, you don't need to register anywhere; however, you should begin opening a bank account for your start-up.

Variants of profitable niches for starting a business

  • IT
  • dentistry
  • processing factory
  • mining

If you are from the UK and started a business in Ukraine or thinking of starting a British business in Ukraine, it is crucial to know the company that will help you start successfully. Your company is GT Invest. 

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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