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Purchase of a plant for people in business from Japan
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Regardless of its direction, investing in a plant always pays off. Manufacturing has been lucrative for years and will continue to be so as long as people look for products that need to be made or produced by companies like yours

If you plan on opening up shop down under yourself soon enough, then make sure not only do these factors come into play (location & line-of-business), but also taxes — what kind? And how much does it cost per year compared side our dear neighbors?

GT Invest understands that many companies with plants in Japan are considering expanding their operations to other countries

There is something for everyone here, and we can help you make a move over land or by sea-shipping certain items on ship's containers, so they arrive right when it suits your needs.

For example, if we're building a factory from scratch, expect taxes accordingly: VAT, staff income insurance & social security payments worldwide, and stamp duty fees upon purchase, including import duties.


Buying, building, and investing in a plant overseas is complex. You need someone who knows the laws well enough so that you're not breaking any of them when importing equipment for your business — which can get quickly

In addition to this knowledge gap, there's also tax relief available through our state program Investment nanny. There will be exemptions from paying any duties for five years if it turns out.

To find reliable shoulders abroad, though (especially ones qualified enough), most people would recommend going through GT Invest or similar agencies here based locally.

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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