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Ready-made businesses are no longer the unknowns they were in Ukraine. Now, enthusiasts grow companies and then sell them to other countries — like Japan.

It is because, if you buy a company here in my home country, unlike many other places around the world that don't allow their citizens' ownership rights of privately owned business' assets (this includes real estate). Ukraine then all its profits become yours as well, which means there will always be some degree of growth potential left over after expenses have been paid off from initial investment.

What to look for when buying a turnkey business

The output is determined by scale — the past of this project, scope, profitability, and competitive environment are all factors that should be considered before making your decision on whether or not the investment will be worth it in future profits!

There are many opportunities for Japanese investors in the Ukrainian market. For example, you can buy large state-owned enterprises privatized through Big privatization.

However, if we're talking about private industrial giants, it is worth paying attention to those areas: petrochemical companies, mining operations such as coal or ore crushing plants.

These types offer high-profit margins with low risks associated because production isn't sensitive to weather conditions, unlike agriculture which produces most food items locally but requires heavy investment in irrigation infrastructure due to its aridity

Metallurgy sector-related, especially when processing rare metals like lithium, is used mainly by the eco-batteries manufacturing industry.

GT Invest is the reliable partner you need to act in Ukraine. We will analyze and choose an offer for your company, check every year of its activity with us before deciding on investing or not — this way. We can minimize risks as much as possible. To start investing abroad safely, call GT Invest now!

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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