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Property in Ukraine for investors from Japan
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The Ukrainian real estate market is among the most developed in all of Europe

That means that if you're looking for a prime opportunity to invest into something, this would be it. But before taking any risks or committing 100% on what could potentially turn out as an unprofitable venture (remembering there are always risks involved). Do some research about how risky investing might actually prove itself over time, maybe even with advice from professionals who know these situations best like bankers and lawyers. Pay attention when things get serious because they usually will.

What you should know before investing in Ukrainian properties
  • Ukraine does not have a regulatory authority to monitor or control real estate agencies.
  • Ukraine's laws are still in limbo on investments in real estate; hence you must research intelligently before choosing any property in Ukraine for sale.
  • You must understand how an agency's commissions on Ukrainian properties for sale work. Commissions range from 1% — 5%. Therefore, always bargain for the most favorable rate.
  • The structure ownership of Ukrainian properties allows you to own property individually.
Investing in Ukraine property sales can be a lucrative investment with high yields

The Global Property Guide projects that the country's real estate will offer returns up to 10%, and there are many incentives for investing including flat taxes, which makes rental income all but guaranteed at 18%.

The cost of acquiring a new Ukrainian property is low, with roundtrip costs going as low as 5% of the total value.

GT Invest recommends that foreign citizens acquire land in Ukraine through rental business ventures because it's pro-landlords there. The International Monetary Fund predicts an increase from 3%, up to 6%.

The most common types of property in Ukraine are industrial sites, apartments, and construction

You can register a legal entity to own your commodity on behalf even if you registered back home with the government.

However, this doesn't allow foreign citizens to buy land here. So be sure that it is permissible for both yourself and any non-Ukrainian relatives who plan on living there full time.

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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