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Drone video services for real estate provided by DroneUA
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Video filming of real estate with a drone

Our partner DroneUA provides real estate video filming using modern aerial equipment. They help in carrying out work on the preparation of high-quality videos of any level of complexity, capture construction, urban architecture. The company will provide professional videography of various types of architectural objects.

Professional video filming of real estate

Video filming of real estate from a drone allows modern realtors to demonstrate houses, residential areas with the highest quality and remotely. Previously, the buyer of the residence had to look at photographs of the building, vegetable garden, garden, come to view the territory on his own, waste time, money, but today there is a possibility of a full panoramic view of the house. A person can normally view the territory, assess the condition of building components, for example, the quality of the roof, the need for repairs. This approach greatly simplifies the work of agencies, and also makes it more comfortable for the buyer to select housing. The studio provides high-quality aerial photography using cameras equipped with a video camera.

High-quality video filming of real estate allows you to provide the most professional video that will help reflect the parameters of the construction site, the scale of factories, residential buildings, and architectural structures. Leave the aerial survey to professional operators.

How videos for real estate with drones are done?

Shooting is done with a high-quality quadcopter. At the same time, specialists take into account all the requirements and wishes of the client. The finished scheme displays all buildings, structures, objects, ground structures, utilities, borders of crossings and roads, relief.

With the use of a drone, it is possible to obtain a 100% accurate topographic plan. Currently, video filming of real estate may be required in different situations: for paperwork, preparation of a site improvement project, or for building permission.

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