DroneUA is an international system integrator of unmanned solutions
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DroneUA is an international company-importer, distributor, and integrator of drones, founded in Kyiv in 2015

The company has its own staff of drones and a laboratory for the analysis of research material, provide industry expertise in its own methods of data processing and airspace reservation service. Personnel with a Ph.D. degree develop their own algorithms and use them in neural networks.

The Vast Services Drones Can Provide This 2021

Drone technology in Ukraine went a long way since its birth at least two decades ago, and not just for hobbyists. Throughout the decades, Ukraine drones became extremely useful for different businesses, industries, and organizations. Such businesses managed to head to places where their industries lagged behind, may it be for rush delivery services or surveying inaccessible bases.

With their vast functions and specs, drones have proven to be advantageous in many ways, from saving time reaching remote places down to cost-efficiency through performing unmanned tasks. So if you have tasks that require aerial surveying, express deliveries, or filming, then there is no better time than now to look into the services DroneUA provides.

In Ukraine, drone technology continues to expand. It is a popular piece of equipment in major sectors, including commercial industries, the military, for personal use, along Future Technology.

Bonuses from Drone.UA

Drone.UA is among the TOP 3 most innovative companies in the business sector according to FORBES.

Drone.UA is in the TOP 20 innovative enterprises of Ukraine.

Drone.UA also offers the services of its engineering center, service center, distribution center and partnership.

For businesses wondering about the uses of a drone in Ukraine, here are services that drones can perform for you with safety and efficiency, depending on the industry you're working in:
  • Provide aerial photography for film or journalism
  • Express deliveries and shipments to places hard to reach
  • Gather information or supply essentials to various areas for disaster management
  • Drones may have thermal sensors made for search and rescue teams
  • Perform geographic mapping in unreachable areas or terrains
  • Perform a proper building safety inspection
  • More precise monitoring of crops
  • Cargo transport (unmanned)
  • Surveillance for law enforcement and/or border control
  • Track storms and forecast hurricanes or tornadoes.

With such technologies continuing to advance, drones in Ukraine will soon be even more dependable and safer, with even more uses to take advantage of. You can see this here

Don't lag behind your competitors and make use of drones, with DroneUA's services for your business today. Contact us for more details, and we can send over a full list of the services we offer with our drones, suiting your business' budget and needs.


If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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