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Aerial photography in agriculture

Agriculture is one of the most ancient spheres of human activity. Today mankind cultivates fields and gardens, which means that agriculture is in step with the times. It is difficult to imagine how it is possible to grow grain for all seven billion people and still use the old methods of work. In the modern world, in the era of high technologies, even the cultivation of ordinary products is accompanied by a rather complex technological process, which is being improved every day. For example, aerial photography in agriculture is a prime example of this. Nowadays it is much easier to shoot with the new technologies than with the help of some AN-30. The best solution for this task would be a lightweight and maneuverable drone. By the way, these devices also do an excellent job with many other agricultural tasks.

Drones advantages for aerial photography

New technologies appear every day. Of course, not all of them become part of everyday life. But some ideas are so simple and effective that it would be a mistake to ignore them. Drones began to be used for peaceful purposes not very long ago, but they have already occupied their niche and have established themselves as irreplaceable assistants in aerial photography and here is why:

  • Simplicity and reliability. The construction of the drones is very simple. No special weather conditions are required for flights. Cloudiness can make it difficult to collect data to determine the NDVI if it is done using satellite imagery. Drones operate at low altitudes, so even low clouds won't be a hindrance.
  • Precision. The device moves exactly along the specified route, which allows maintaining high quality and productivity of work. For example, when treating fields from pests, accurate distribution of biomaterial (or pesticides) will save both time and money.
  • Eco-friendliness and convenience. The drones operate on battery power. Consequently, the devices do not pollute the environment with exhaust gases. One device is capable of performing missions lasting 20 minutes or more while providing a flight range of two kilometers (more accurate specifications depend on the specific model).

Especially for you, we offer a solution based on unmanned solutions - drones for aerial photography that will increase the efficiency of your enterprise. Our partner DroneUA offers different levels and possibilities of integration, from the organization of a monitoring department based on an enterprise to full outsourcing of work by DroneUA specialists.

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