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Field measurement services provided by DroneUA
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Why it is important to know the size of farmland?

Farmland sometimes occupies significant areas. On these hectares, a variety of work is carried out, ranging from spring plowing, selection and sowing of various crops, top dressing, and ending with plowing for the winter and applying fertilizers, which should be on the sites in early spring. So that the foreman, agronomist, owner, or tenant could navigate the following issues:

  • by the number of equipment required for plowing and, accordingly, by the number of necessary spare parts for it and fuel;
  • by the amount of fertilizer or seeds required to apply to a specific field;
  • by the location of certain crops - you should know the location of farmland and the size of each specific site.

In addition, all calculations for the number of seeds and fertilizers for a certain area, the preliminary calculation of the yield and, accordingly, the calculation of the estimated profits are performed based on knowledge of the space occupied by the plots.

Measurement of field area by drone

Drones can be controlled from the ground using a remote control. Unlike UAVs used for military purposes, drones are small in size. The drone can work in autonomous mode for a long time, recharging batteries from the sun. Drones can be either land-based or airborne.

In Ukraine, drones are used to calculate the size of agricultural land. If a flying model of a drone is used, an aerial survey is taken. The drone is equipped with the equipment necessary for aerial photography.

Our partner DroneUA, which has at its disposal drones, the appropriate equipment and the necessary computer programs, measures the field area with a drone. The area of the territories of the used arable land, empty plots can be determined, control over the state of crops, monitoring of agricultural land can be carried out. The aerial survey data will be used to compile site maps, making the work of all personnel working in these fields more cost-effective.

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