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Leaf diagnostics is an analysis of the state of plants, according to the results of which the dosage, method and time of fertilization are determined. To do this, take plant tissue (mainly leaves) and use special equipment to check its chemical composition. As a result, the obtained data is entered into the table of compliance with the norm, and thus the weak points of the culture at the moment become visible (for example, a lack of potassium, magnesium, or copper).

Soil analysis allows you to determine the level of fertility of the site, as well as the degree of its pollution and deficiency or excess of microelements. There are 6 different types of checks intended for this:

  • Mechanical analysis - counting and categorizing earth granules. According to the results, the concentration of sand and clay in the soil will be visible, which will make it possible to more accurately determine its type and select the optimal processing method;
  • Chemical analysis - checking for the content of heavy metals (zinc, copper, mercury, lead), oil products and other polluting elements. As a result, the soil is assigned the status of clean, acceptable contaminated, moderately hazardous, hazardous, or extremely hazardous;
  • Agrochemical analysis is almost the same as the previous one, but the emphasis is not on pollution, but on suitability for growing crops and safety for animals;
  • Mineralogical analysis - determination of the concentration level of primary and secondary minerals of silty, colloidal and clay type (each is checked separately). Based on the results of the check, the dosage of fertilizers and the degree of weathering of the site are determined;
  • Radiological analysis - determination of the level of soil contamination with radioactive elements. It makes sense to conduct if the site is located near the nuclear power plant or there are suspicions of radioactive disposal nearby;
  • Microbiological analysis - checking the state of beneficial (bacteria, fungi, protozoa, etc.) and harmful (Escherichia coli, Salmonella) microorganisms living in the soil.


Soil analysis is carried out by DroneUA specialists using drones and laboratory equipment. Manual examination is gradually becoming a thing of the past, because it is ineffective in large areas and at later stages of growth.

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