Traffic monitoring

Traffic monitoring services provided by DroneUA
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Drones for traffic monitoring

The use of UAVs in the daytime and at night makes it possible to carry out photo, video and thermal imaging control of both operating and under construction objects of transport infrastructure. Heavy loads, constant environmental influences and natural erosion complicate travel and can cause disaster. Use unmanned technology to reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Photo and video filming from drones allow for operational and unobtrusive control over the work of contractors and compliance with building codes, technological processes, and safety measures. Drones make it possible to quickly identify the scope of work, problem areas and eliminate defects in the shortest possible time, while ensuring the safety of work teams and road users.

Drone solutions for infrastructure

Drones help in a variety of infrastructure tasks:

  • collection information about traffic flows;
  • construction and road works monitoring;
  • controlling the condition of road markings;
  • surveillance.

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