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Creation of a resort area on the banks of Rozdolne
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Rest on the Black Sea coast

The south of Ukraine is a subtropical climate, the sun rises early and sets late, generous rich green fields, warm sea with amber sand and swans that arrive for the winter to warm up. Imagine yourself with your family in this pure nature of the South of Ukraine.

Rozdolne LLC is located in the very south of the Kherson region. In the territory belonging to Rozdolne, not only fruit and vineyards full of juice grow, but also the conditions created by nature for perfect rest and retreat.

Rozdolny's fields end in sandy shores entering the sea. There is still a protected park with wild deer and overseas trees on the territory of the agricultural enterprise. The park was built by the son of Sophia von Falz-Fein. Not far from Rozdolne is the Oleshky Sands National Park. The beauty of this place is hard to overestimate.

The sandy bottom of the sea near Rozdolne has no precipices, a serious depth begins 30 meters from the shore, and there is almost no wind in the harbor. Thus, the warm sea, the absence of waves and the soft angle of immersion satisfy the sincere desire of children to relax in the water, rather than run ashore to bask under a towel. Year after year, the sphere of tourism is gaining momentum in Ukraine, and Rozdolne is your chance to invest in business on the Black Sea.

What can be built:

  • Hotel. Investing in a hotel on the sea will never fall behind and will always be in demand.


  • Step-by-step access to the sea. Rozdolne is surrounded by the sea on three sides, so your future clients do not have to worry about transport to the beach.
  • Soft entrance to the sea, which makes the holiday safe for children.
  • Permission to build recreation facilities
  • The airport is at a distance of 10 km. The state-planned reconstruction of the airport will open it for international flights
  • Rozdolne's hotel niche is still free, ie zero competition
  • Natural recreation park. Oxygen-rich air, pristine nature,


  • Clean environmental background: for many kilometers around there are no heavy industries that would pollute the air
  • Assistance of the local council in the issues of territory development
  • Proximity to significant natural points of national importance
  • Minimal presence of tourists and even locals
  • Wellness complex. Until recently, a clean area closed to the naked eye with flower carpets and a seascape this is exactly what is needed to build a health complex.


  • The sea is iodine and magnesium, and the sun is vitamin D
  • In several areas of the coastline there are deposits with healing mud, filled with useful compounds
  • There are several mineral springs on the territory of Rozdolne
  • Security. Unlike Odesa and Crimea, Kherson has just begun to develop its resort potential. Therefore, the probability of getting Covid on vacation in Rozdolne is reduced to zero.


Undoubtedly, Ukraine has something to boast about. And we will be glad to acquaint you with Rozdolne's opportunities for business, investments, and rest.

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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